Asset Tracking Software

Track Anything Anywhere

RFID Asset Tracking

Never lose another Item! Whether tracking medical equipment, manufacturing tools, weapons or valuable art pieces OPUS Asset Tracker with RFID can assure all Items are accounted for.

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Barcode Tracking Software

OPUS... moving at the speed of business.

Records Management Software Governance

Our Barocde and RFID technologies manage the circulation history, filing, location changes, retrieval, retention and destruction of documents.

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File Tracking Software System

100% Web Based Document Solution

Records Management Software Solutions

Deploy for your department or for the entire enterprise. OPUS provides a total solution to manage active as well as in-active records.

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Museum Artifacts Tracking - Medical Asset Tracking

Museum Artifacts & Other Asset Tracking

Physical Asset Tracking

With OPUS Asset Tracker, users can track assets from Medical, IT, Museum, and others industries. We utilize RFID and 2D Barcodes. The ultimate barcode tracking system.

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Banking Loan File Tracking

Barcode File Tracking Software

Increase back office productivity and slash the costs of servicing file requests with the OPUS suite of Barcode File Tracking Systems. Easily create, print barcode labels and track the movement of all loan files & document.

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Asset Tracking Software

Barcode Asset Tracking Software

OPUS Asset Tracker is a scalable physical asset tracking system that can utilize barcodes (1D & 2D) and RFID tags. Users can configure user definable fields to capture any type of metadata and also attach images. Disposition rules can be applied as well as Planned Maintenance for the asset.

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Mortgage documents & exceptions

Mortgage Exception Document Tracking

When it comes to mortgages, there's no such thing as a paperless office. A lot of key documents are in hard copy, and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae want them safe, secure, and readily available. OPUSx specifically addresses the Mortgage Collateral Document tracking and Custodian Exceptions for the mortgage servicer.

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RFID & Barcoding File Tracking

RFID Barcode File Tracking

OpusLite Version 3 is an express version of our OPUS iNet enterprise Records Management Software system. Designed to be easily configured, simple install, and provide comprehensive file tracking with barcodes or RFID tags. This product includes complete records retention and hold functionality plus much, much more.

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Serving over 10,000 users in over 300 companies, spanning 4 continents

Records Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software

Barcode Tracking Software, Mortgage document tracking, Mortgage Exception Tracking, File tracking software and barcode tracking software with Records Management Software. Leader providing Records Management Software solutions with Medical Asset Tracking and Records Retention Management.

Loan File Tracking Software

RFID Tracking Software for Asset Tracking and Records File Tracking

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